Friday, July 22, 2016

Sanders Should Rescind Endorsement #SandersShouldRescindEndorsement

Wikileaks has released 20,000 reasons why Sanders should rescind his endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

There's plenty more but I'm going to give Bernie Sanders  #reason 2001 why #SandersShouldRescindEndorsement .
Hillary Clinton is a corrupt warmongering amoral hack who will lose and open the door to #TrumpoliniFascism. This is the threat that Senator Sanders is keenly aware of. It's what he's ready to do anything to stop.

I watched  on livestream as Alex Jones and friend stormed onto the set while The Young Turks show was broadcasting,  shutting it down. This is a miniature version of  Classical fascism. History tells us that fascism uses non state irregular forces (in collusion with elements of the state, like the organized White Supremacists who've infiltrated the police forces in the USA) to suppress dissent and terrorize scapegoated minority groups. Think Hitler s Storm troopers, Mussolini's Black Shirts, Ku Klux Klan, armed Israeli settler vigilantes, Death Squads in Latin America 

Hillary Clinton is too easily discredited to be counted on to beat Donald Trump. These are desperate and frightening times for millions of Americans. Imagine: half of Americans can not gather up $2,000 cash in a thirty day period. That means if the car they use to get to their jobs breaks down, they'd be shit out of luck. That means if a family member dies unexpectedly they'd be shit out of luck to provide a funeral. To be in such a status is frightening and disorienting. Here comes a rich man in a suit, exuding self confidence, saying loudly EVERYTHING IS NOT OKAY I'M ON YOUR SIDE. He's running against "Same O Same O" who's not liked, respected or trusted and who is in fact the Wall Street candidate. 
If the Democrats want to win they'd better think twice. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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