Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This world needs prayer.especially as the US is apparently intervening in Venezuela, bound to unleash a real humanitarian crisis.

Hillary Clinton: A lying schemer, in Wall Street's pocket. A war monger. She's likely not up to the physical demands of the job of President of the United States. Going to appoint bank deregulating, wage and environment busting "Free Trader" Billy (The Goat) Clinton as Economy Czar.

Donald Trump : Running for a job he probably doesn't want , and yet he's in range to get it. Feared by Wall Street and mainstream opinion leaders, but definitely preferred by most of them over Bernie Sanders.

Venezuela, in spite of its own problems continues to give essential aid to Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua. Cut off this aid without replacing it and you get a new catastrophe and a refugee crisis.

I blog about Venezuela a lot. I know that Venezuela is not on most of the world's minds but it seems to be heading for a real catastrophe this time. I forsee a probable invasion by the United States and / or other countries with the conniving and support of the World's Exceptional and Indispensable Nation very soon, probably while Barack Obama will still be President. There is a document circulating that was purportedly published by the United States Southern Military Command that maps out a twelve point strategy to overthrow the government of Venezuela. The New York Times poo- poos the report, stating that it's impossible that the United States military would be planning an invasion of Venezuela. (I suppose it would be absurd - after all for the United States to invade a small weaker nation would be so out of character😇😇😇) .
We do have two declarations that Venezuela poses a threat to our country signed by President Obama and
issued by the White House.

It's known that Senator John F. Kennedy was briefed on the plans to invade Cuba as a Presidential candidate, and that Richard Nixon carried on as supervisor of the Bay of Pigs invasion after Kennedy was sworn into the presidency. I wouldn't doubt that both Clinton and Trump are in the loop and sworn to secrecy.

Venezuela has many problems and they can seem to be daunting.  The opposition and the world capitalist media have every reason to exaggerate the food and medical crisis in Venezuela, which I'd be the first to say is very serious. The government and its supporters have every reason to minimize the crisis. Simply put an eventual open US or US backed invasion would come under the pretext of a humanitarian aid mission. There's no reason to doubt that US special forces are on the ground in Venezuela and that they'd be involved in"neutralizing" "fanatical" and armed government supporting militia and collectives, as is called for in the document. There are reports of assassinations of pro government activists in Venezuela.

Again, The New York Times asserts that this document is false. Given past US practice I find it incredibly naive to think that the United States would not, at the very least, have contingency plans regarding a military intervention in Venezuela.

Operation “Venezuela Freedom”, American Strategy to Overthrow the Maduro Government

  21  6 

Venezuela Maduro
GR Editor’s Note
Please note that the authenticity of the alleged “Venezuela Freedom” document by US Southern Command has not been verified. Quoted by the NYT, “The document, titled “Venezuela Freedom-2 Operation,” is bogus, as said Col. Lisa Garcia, a spokeswoman for the United States Southern Command.” 
*       *      *
Recently a document from the American South Command was released in which 12 steps for destabilising and bringing about an abrupt end to Nicolas Maduro’s government are laid out: steps which are being carried out now and were begun some time ago.
The report “Venezuela Freedom 2 – Operation”, which was reproduced in several publications is signed by admiral and current chief of the American South Command, Kurt Tidd.
In the text of the report it is proposed that, using violent means, conditions are created which lead to an eventual change in government – replacing Maduro’s executive with an interim government consisting of a coalition of opposition party and union leaders as well as the obligatory NGOs.
The report which was made public by Venezuelan organisation Misión Verdad (”Mission Truth”) sets out 12 steps which Special Forces would take together with the anti-government opposition centred on the Assembly of Democratic Unity (MUD) to overthrow Maduro.
It is worth remembering that the Pentagon’s strategic programme divides the geostrategic world map into 10 zones and the US has a military command to monitor and control each of these areas. As part of this overall strategy South Command is assigned control over Latin America and the Caribbean.
The report also makes reference to the fall in international oil prices which it insists will force Maduro’s government to put social (welfare) programmes on hold.
Journalist and political analystCarlos Aznarez expressed his opinion that ”the document which has just been leaked is seemingly the second part of a similar one which the previous chief of the South Command John Kelly released.”
He went on to point out :
”It is clear in this document that part of what is being said there was began some time ago and is being carried out now in the form of a strategy centred on bullying and attempting to overthrow Maduro’s government. If you look at the four fundamental points it would appear these are  the use of a strategy to justify the development of a hostile policy on the part of the opposition; international isolation; discrediting as ‘undemocratic’ the Venezuelan government; and the creation of a climate favourable to the application of the Democratic Charter of the Organisation of American States (OAS). This is already taking place and everything points, at least as far as the document is concerned, towards a violent end.”
Aznarez stressed that
”violence is regarded as the most likely way of settling the issue. Although the opposition is considering the possibility of a recall referendum and, moreover, of driving the application of the Democratic Charter of the Organisation of American States (OAS) – which it will be unable to do because the conditions do not exist for this – street clashes and organised blockades like the ones which sprang up two years ago and led to 43 deaths, are currently taking place. For this reason, it is very important to heed what President Maduro is suggesting : the need for solidarity among Venezuelans and the constant rallying of citizens to make it clear to the opposition that the people are not ready to give in.”
”In the South Command document an interim government made up of leaders from the opposition, a few union leaders and the famous NGOs which are always prevalent in these places is mentioned. They are preparing the stage for an outcome using the same thinking as that used in 2002 when they carried out a coup d’etat against Chávez” concluded Aznarez.
Included among the points of this first phase
‘‘[they would] expose for all to see the authoritarian nature of Maduro’s government, encourage their international isolation, tar the government as ‘undemocratic’, create a climate favourable to the application of the Democratic Charter of the Organisation of American States (OAS) and place on the agenda the humanitarian crisis as a pretext for multilateral organisations including the UN to intervene.”
Admiral Kelly asserts
”our timely intervention has allowed for the way to be paved for a swift removal of the regime. Whilst a peaceful, legal and electoral solution is being held up as the way forward there is a growing conviction that there is a need to exert pressure through the use of street protests and to seek to limit and halt sizeable military contingents which will see themselves forcibly given over to maintaining domestic law and order and ensuring the government’s safety: a situation which will be untenable in so far as multiple conflicts and tensions of every kind are being sparked. As part and parcel of this view he is proposing that the recommendations for the second phase of Operation Venezuela Freedom 2 as a whole be reviewed.”
Enlarging upon phase 2 the text proposes ”a set of recommendations which allow for the effective planning of our intervention in Venezuela.” Such recommendations would entail:
  • creating a precarious climate which may combine civil unrest with the carefully measured use of armed violence
  • using, with the focus on a strategy of ‘siege and suffocate,’ the National Assembly,Venezuala’s parliament, as a way of stifling the government’s ability to govern ; and to hold events and demonstrations, arrest governors, deny credit and repeal
  • insisting, on the domestic political front, upon the interim government and on measures to be taken after the fall of the regime including the formation of an emergency cabinet where the business sector, church hierarchy, unions, NGOs and univerisities are included.
  • To arrive at this final phase it is proposed that a short term action plan be vigourously pursued (6 months, with the close of phase 2 towards July-August of 2016) and to apply pressure to smother and paralyse the government, preventing Chavist forces from reforming/regrouping.
  • maintaining the offensive campaign on the propaganda front, creating a climate of distrust, inciting fear and bringing about an ‘ungovernable’ situation.
  • exploiting, in particular, issues such as the shortage of water, food and electricity.
  • ”setting the mould” by suggesting that Venezuela is entering a stage of humanitarian crisis as a result of the shortage in food, water and medicine. It is necessary to continue to manipulate the situation to give the message that Venezuela is ”close to collapse/imploding” asking the international community to intervene with humanitarian aid in order to maintain peace and save lives.
  • insisting on the application of the Democratic Charter as agreed with Luis Almagro Lemes (the general secretary of the OAS) and the ex presidents (headed by ex secretary of the OAS, César Gaviria Trujillo). Here, coordination between organisations of the Intelligence Community (IC) and other agencies such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), private communications corporations such as the SIP and various private media agencies (TV, Press, Social media, radio ‘circuits’) is important.
  • The efforts we have been making so far as linking Maduro’s government to  corruption and money laundering must be continued. As far as this is concerned media campaigns must be devised, with witnesses – who are helping to enforce the decree of the 9th of March, 2015 – protected
  • In another area, we must be alive to the reality of the military dimension, even if the campaign  we are driving to gain followers and deter opposition to our aims in institutions has been successful  to date. For this reason, it is vital to continue with the job of weakening Venezuala’s leadership and destroying its ability to govern.
  • As regards the use the government will make of the so-called militias and armed groups a similar reading is necessary. The presence of these fanatical fighters in those towns given priority in the plan is becoming an obstacle for the mobilisation of allied forces and opposition groups on the streets; and an encumbrance to the effective control of strategic military installations. Hence, the request for the neutralisation of these militia in this decisive phase.
  • The military training and preparations in recent months with the Joint Task Force Bravo (JTF-B) in the Palmerola base in Comayagua, Honduras and the Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF-S) allow for the positioning of ‘rapid response’ contingents along a geostrategic arc dotted with ‘control and monitoring’ military bases in the Caribbean islands of Aruba (Reina Beatriz) and Curazao (Hato Rey), Arauca, Larandia, Tres Esquinas, Puerto Leguízamo, Florencia and Leticia in Colombia : constituting as a whole a Forward Operating Base (FOB with range over the central region of Venezuela where political-military might is concentrated). (PL) 
(Translated by Nigel Conibear – DipTrans IoLET ACIL –

Published On: Tue, Apr 19th, 2016

Opinion: U.S. Confirms In A Document That Curaçao Will Be Used In A Possible Military Intervention Against Venezuela

MonkU.S. Southern Command, confirms that what is happening in Venezuela is directed and coordinated from Washington. In a document called Venezuela Freedom – 2 Operation –Phase preceding – South Command reveals its strategy and its connection with the Venezuelan extreme right the “MUD”.
In this document the Southern Command makes a series of 12 recommendations and it exposes a mechanism to use parliament as a weapon to boycott Maduro’s government; continue to create food shortages and basic products (economic pressure); use psychological pressure, financially and legally; use international support and execute violence in a selective way. Southern Command indicate that in July or August 2016 they can stage a coup against Maduro.
What is more worrying is the fact that in there recommendation number 12 they mention the possible use of military intervention and they military bases in Aruba and Curaçao will be used for any possible attacks.
unnamed1This document is the imperial script to oust a legitimate government; it’s a plan to stage a coup; it’s a war plan and it connects us as a possible accomplice in an attack against the Bolivarian nation and Hugo Chavez.
It’s almost comical to think that the Dutch government does not know about these plans. This means that our people will be involved in a bloody war with Holland as accomplice. Our people will be used against it’s Latin American brothers.
Our people need to protest and demand from the government Whitemann to stop this madness. We have to get up and demand not to be involved in a possible war against Venezuela. They can’t use our territory that belongs to our people to start a war against our neighbor. The damage to our people is irreparable.
This is not possible!
By Carlos Monk
Former Minister of Government Services

Monday, July 25, 2016

Vetting done, next comes briefing the next President of the United States of America, The Exceptional and Indespensible Nation on Earth.

What if

LBJ met with crime kingpins says his mistress.

Donald Trump presumably has been vetted by the FBI and given Top Secret clearance. I'm wondering what would happen were the FBI to deny Top Secret clearance to a presidential candidate?  Did Bernie Sanders get Top Secret clearance? 

When I got drafted into the United States Army in 1967 I refused to answer the questions posed to me on the mandatory Loyalty Oath questionaire. In a case of one hand not knowing what the other hand was doing I was brought several times to the Military Intelligence located in downtown Columbia, South Carolina where I'd accept a cigarette and a cup of coffee and take the Fifth Amendment. Then they sent me to radio school, but pulled me out of there a week later, sent me to pitches to become an officer candidate and then told me I wasn't even cleared for re-enlistment. 
What if I wanted to run for office.

Here's a question : What if David Duke, a convicted felon and straight up thought criminal (I detest his world view if I need to state that) what if he wins the Republican primary for United States Senator from Louisiana and gets elected. Would he be allowed to sit in on those secret Executive Session briefings of the United States Congress? Was Senator Sanders given permission by the FBI to be privy to secrets of State, and therefore function like a full member of The Club?

It's known that Trump is such a tea totaled that like a Mormon, he won't even touch tea or coffee. He does, however have a sweet tooth for women with exotic accents and he often engages his jawbone prior to switchinges on his mind.

Given the FBI gets to approve or reject candidates for sensitive office. Like when Military Intelligence disqualified me for radio school or Army re-enlistment due to my thoughts and non criminal associations.

See where I'm going with this?

What if the people chose a leader who didn't have the trust of the "Intelligence Community"? Could they disqualify the choice of the people? 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Sanders Should Rescind Endorsement #SandersShouldRescindEndorsement

Wikileaks has released 20,000 reasons why Sanders should rescind his endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

There's plenty more but I'm going to give Bernie Sanders  #reason 2001 why #SandersShouldRescindEndorsement .
Hillary Clinton is a corrupt warmongering amoral hack who will lose and open the door to #TrumpoliniFascism. This is the threat that Senator Sanders is keenly aware of. It's what he's ready to do anything to stop.

I watched  on livestream as Alex Jones and friend stormed onto the set while The Young Turks show was broadcasting,  shutting it down. This is a miniature version of  Classical fascism. History tells us that fascism uses non state irregular forces (in collusion with elements of the state, like the organized White Supremacists who've infiltrated the police forces in the USA) to suppress dissent and terrorize scapegoated minority groups. Think Hitler s Storm troopers, Mussolini's Black Shirts, Ku Klux Klan, armed Israeli settler vigilantes, Death Squads in Latin America 

Hillary Clinton is too easily discredited to be counted on to beat Donald Trump. These are desperate and frightening times for millions of Americans. Imagine: half of Americans can not gather up $2,000 cash in a thirty day period. That means if the car they use to get to their jobs breaks down, they'd be shit out of luck. That means if a family member dies unexpectedly they'd be shit out of luck to provide a funeral. To be in such a status is frightening and disorienting. Here comes a rich man in a suit, exuding self confidence, saying loudly EVERYTHING IS NOT OKAY I'M ON YOUR SIDE. He's running against "Same O Same O" who's not liked, respected or trusted and who is in fact the Wall Street candidate. 
If the Democrats want to win they'd better think twice. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New York City's New Taxi 12 Hour Shift Rule Changes Nothing.

You can file New York City's new 12 hour shift rule for taxis, black cars, Ubers, etc. under "much ado about nothing" or "taxi bullshit " if The New York Times report is accurate.

You've got to read the whole article, exercise critical thinking and ask questions, but if you do you'll understand that the new 12 hour shift limit as reported by The New York Times, set to take effect on November first changes nothing. Read deeper and you'll understand that it's a public relations oriented response to a public relations disaster.

They've had a twelve hour shift rule on the books since the twelfth of never and it never had any meaning. But last November a taxi driver who had been on the road for sixteen hours managed to kill an 88 year old pedestrian on what was probably a slow news day. Something had to be done.

The old twelve hour rule was a joke with no definition of the amount of time that had to elapse between drivers' shifts. There never ever was a penalty levied against any driver, dispatcher or taxi owner for violating the rule. Had there been one, ever, the offender would have been set back a whole twenty-five bucks with no points against his hack license. It was a rule that no one ever had intended to have meaning, at least not since the days of old school New Deal Democratic governance of the city.

The Loophole

The new rule stipulates that hours a driver spends actually transporting passengers are what's going to count, as per The New York Times. Since drivers typically spend hours searching for passengers, waiting in airport holding lots, hotel lines and informal taxi lines outside of bars and nightclubs in the early morning hours, as well as on meal breaks and personal necessity breaks it's a safe bet the new rule will change nothing on the road, though it will probably fool the public into believing that something has been done about dangerously drowsy cabbies.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another King Gino Report Sunday, July 17, 2016

This King Gino Report touches on Uber, The Current Recession, the strong dollar, the weak euro, pound and yen, summer doldrums, the Donald, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders. Jill Stein, Gloria LaRiva, Monica Moorhead.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

K2, Geeked Up, AK47, Green Giant, Smacked, Bizzaro, call it what you will

It ain't weed and it can eff u up!

Sophisticated Downtown Taxi Riding Asshole gets a $1000.00 ride to the World Famous Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. If this bozo is bonded at his job He. Is. Triple. Fucked.

I'm sure he enjoyed a quick detox and debrief at World Famous Lincoln Hospital. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

The right wing CATO Institute did us a service in reminding the world what a racist Donald Trump's buddy Rudy Giuliani is.

Trump and Giuliani have a real "bro'" vibe going on. Remember when Giuliani’s one time chauffeur , Corrections Commissioner and Police Commissioner was nominated by George Bush to be in charge of "Homeland Security "? That was on Giuliani’s recommendation but Bernard Kerick ended up in jail instead. It's likely Giuliani will get the job.


Rudy’s Racist Rants: An NYPD History Lesson

It was one of the biggest riots in New York City history.
As many as 10,000 demonstrators blocked traffic in downtown Manhattan on Sept. 16, 1992. Reporters and innocent bystanders were violently assaulted by the mob as thousands of dollars in private property was destroyed in multiple acts of vandalism. The protesters stormed up the steps of City Hall, occupying the building. They then streamed onto the Brooklyn Bridge, where they blocked traffic in both directions, jumping on the cars of trapped, terrified motorists. Many of the protestors were carrying guns and openly drinking alcohol.
Yet the uniformed police present did little to stop them. Why? Because the rioters were nearly all white, off-duty NYPD officers. They were participating in a Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association demonstration against Mayor David Dinkins’ call for a Civilian Complaint Review Board and his creation earlier that year of the Mollen Commission, formed to investigate widespread allegations of misconduct within the NYPD.
In the center of the mayhem, standing on top of a car while cursing Mayor Dinkins through a bullhorn, was mayoral candidate Rudy Giuliani.
“Beer cans and broken beer bottles littered the streets as Mr. Giuliani led the crowd in chants,” The New York Times reported.
Now, almost 25 years later, Giuliani continues to fan the flames of racial division. The two-term mayor, who has been a prominent surrogate for presidential candidate Donald Trump and is his likely choice to head the Department of Homeland Security, recently made headlines for condemning the Black Lives Matter protests as being “anti-American” and arguing that the term itself is “inherently racist.”
But Giuliani has yet to condemn the blatant racism that rippled through the crowd during the 1992 demonstration.
Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin described the racist conduct in chilling detail:
“The cops held up several of the most crude drawings of Dinkins, black, performing perverted sex acts,” he wrote. “And then, here was one of them calling across the top of his beer can held to his mouth, ‘How did you like the niggers beating you up in Crown Heights?’”
The off-duty cops were referring to a severe beating Breslin suffered while covering the 1991 Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn.
Breslin continued: “Now others began screaming … ‘How do you like what the niggers did to you in Crown Heights?’
“ ‘Now you got a nigger right inside City Hall. How do you like that? A nigger mayor.’
“And they put it right out in the sun yesterday in front of City Hall,” Breslin wrote. “We have a police force that is openly racist …”
Newsday reported on other instances of racial abuse. City Councilwoman Una Clarke, a petite black woman, was blocked from crossing Broadway “by a beer-drinking, off-duty police officer who said to his sidekick: ‘This nigger says she’s a member of the City Council.’”
Mary Pinkett, another black councilwoman, was trapped on the Brooklyn Bridge as her car was rocked back and forth by off-duty officers. The two elderly passengers in her car were terrified.
Former NYPD officer and New York state senator Eric Adams, currently serving as Brooklyn’s borough president, told Newsday at the time that the demonstration was “right out of the 1950s: A drunk, racist lynch mob storming City Hall and coming in here to get themselves a nigger.”
An internal-strategy report (the “Rudolph W. Giuliani Vulnerability Study”) prepared for the candidate’s 1993 mayoral campaign devoted more than 50 pages to the 1992 police riot under the all-caps heading “RACIST.”
“When dealing with direct questions about the police rally, Giuliani should acknowledge and criticize the underlying racial nature of the protest,” the study urged.
Giuliani never condemned the overt racism of the 1992 NYPD riot. Instead, he ordered the vulnerability study destroyed, but a copy was leaked to journalist Wayne Barrett in 2000.
Giuliani won the 1993 election against Dinkins and won re-election in 1997. During his two terms, the NYPD ran roughshod over the civil liberties of all New Yorkers, particularly in neighborhoods where most young men of color grew up under the thumb of constant police harassment. At the heart of Giuliani’s law enforcement policy, in case after case, was a lack of accountability for police misconduct.
Now, Giuliani is back again to give us his sage advice. Jangling his chains like Marley’s Ghost, he reminds us of everything that is wrong about the NYPD’s past policing practices. But unlike Marley, Giuliani has no remorse for his past misdeeds and wants us to repeat them into the future. There is nothing that the onetime presidential candidate can tell us about proper policing that is worth listening to.
This isn’t the first time in recent years that Giuliani has rattled the chains of racial division.
In 2014, after a grand jury cleared NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, Giuliani criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio for publicly acknowledging a history of racism within the police department.
“This helps to create this atmosphere of protest, and even sometimes violence,” he said on “Fox & Friends.”
Giuliani was particularly critical of de Blasio’s comment that he has had to train his own mixed-race son on how to avoid being victimized by the police: “I was always told the policeman’s always right. There’s a good reason for that: He’s got a gun.”
The lesson Giuliani should have learned a long time ago is that the police should always be held accountable, not only because they carry a gun in their holster, but because they have been entrusted with the full power of the state to use that gun to end human life.
“Making police accountable is essential,” said former NYPD detective David Durk, who, along with Frank Serpico, broke the blue wall of silence before the Knapp Commission in 1971. “At 3 o’clock in the morning, a cop is more powerful than the mayor, the governor and the president. He can kill you.”

Nat Hentoff is a nationally renowned authority on the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. He is a member of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and the Cato Institute, where he is a senior fellow. Nick Hentoff is a criminal defense and civil liberties attorney in New York.