Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The King Gino Report III or We Are All Muslims, and Mexicans Too

The second most powerful person in the United States - Paul Ryan, Speaker of The House of Representatives says that Donald Trump's remarks about the judge who will handle one of his fraud cases are "textbook racism" but not so much as to drop his support for the Orange skinned psychopath who his party has nominated to be the first Orange skinned President of the United States. 


What to do, what to do? On the one hand the Democratic Party leadership in conjunction with the corporate/zionist /officialist media have crowned Hillary Clinton "Presumptive Nominee" on the day of the California Democratic Primary.  She has anointed her husband Billy goat Clinton as Economy Czar to be. What a horror and attack on the democratic process! A war.monger who is literally in the pockets of Wall Street and the most extremist zionist war mongers, dishonest, untrusted, with a history of incompetence as Senator and Secretary of State, she may be indicted at any time, being the subject of two FBI investigations.


On the other hand we have Donald Trump who seems to want to out Duke his supporter David Duke and whose own history as a womanizing casino mogul makes him a perfect fit for his support from casino mogul identified money laundering zionist extremist whoremaster Sheldon Adelson.
Trump oozes violence and racism as he rallies the flotsam and jetsum of the bottom of the racist Republican Party human garbage barrel. He will ban Muslims from entering the United States,  even American citzens, he has said.

You may search and scan the Constitution of the United States and you will find no claim or statement of aspiration that it's a blueprint for a democratic republic yet we teach our school children and our immigrants in the citizenship test study guide that a democratic republic is what we the United States  is (or is that ARE)?
We insist that certain target nations become democratic as we 
are. What a cynical joke! We are faced with choosing between the two most unpopular political whore in the nation to lead us and in many ways the whole world.

I don't have the answer but I know that just as I reject the "right to return" to Israel I will tell the government and the world on the day of Trump's inauguration that I AM A MUSLIM. 

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