Tuesday, June 21, 2016

King Gino Report IV- Corrupt cops and limos no longer hog a "no standing anytime" zone.

This report touches on these subjects:

crooked cops, drunken millionaires, limo hustlers, New York City, no standing zone, police brass, prostitutes, Saphire Gentlemen's Club, strippers, taxis, the Edward I Koch Bridge, FBI criminal investigation

On Sixtieth street, between First and Second Avenues, right off the Manhattan off ramp of the Queensboro /59th Street/Edward I Koch Bridge (one bridge, three names) stands New York City 's priciest strip club, Sahire. All along the adjacent curb is a "No Standing Any Time" zone, meaning motorists in their vehicles are not supposed to linger. In the early morning hours, right by the off ramp an occupied cop car would sit, it's occupants apparently charged with watching the illegally parked limousines, or to perhaps back up the "ownership " by Sapphire,  its management and bouncers of that curb and sidewalk. Yellow taxis, those with the supposed monopoly on curbside cab hails, regularly waived off by the bouncers. The limos had first dibs on the fares coming out of the stripclub- rich, drunk, sometimes coked-up young men who really don't care if a ride costs $13.50 or $75.00. Pre arrangements for free limo pick up at home is offered to the confirmed big spenders. The limos, of course, are not legally standing or more often parked with the limo hustlers accosting the people as they leave the strip club, looking for suckers and picking them up.  I would scoot past on an early morning empty return to Manhattan,  where most of our customers are. Once in a while a savvy strip club customer, or a stripper going home would push past the limo hustlers on the sidewalk, emerge from between two illegally parked limousines and hail me even while the bouncer would be waiving me away. I'd imagine kickbacks to the bouncers, the club bosses, and the cops for license to bilk drunken millionaires. So this past early Saturday morning I was shocked to see the bouncer waiving me to the curb, not a limousine in sight. Only two things could have caused this:
1- A limo hustler insulted the honor of a cop and group punishment was in effect

Big shot police brass sold themselves for money, prostitutes and free trips.
2- The ongoing FBI investigation, with the arrests and early retirements of numerous high ranking NYPD cops had even penetrated down
 to the low level of payoffs from limo hustlers.
                    -Who knows?-

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